“The Red Sleeve” Overtakes “Now We Are Breaking Up” Spot As The Most Watched Drama In Its Time Slot- Reaching A New Personal-Best

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“The Red Sleeve” ratings are on the rise!

On November 26, “The Red Sleeve” aired its 5th episode which became its most-watched episode thus far. According to Nielsen Korea, the episode achieved an average nationwide rating of 8.8%, a new personal record for the drama and a significant rise from its last week’s rating.

“The Red Sleeve” is led by 2PM’s Lee Junho and Lee Se Young, the drama is competing in the same time slot as the SBS drama “Now We Are Breaking Up.”

Now We Are Breaking Up” rated 7% for this week’s Friday episode.

tvN’s “Happiness” rose to an average nationwide rating of 3.5%, and it continues to be rated the first spot among its time slot across all cable channels among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49.

Which one of these weekend dramas are you watching?

Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

So I am watching all three of them. Personally speaking, “Happiness” has the biggest punch because of its premise but “The Red Sleeve” is also climbing up the ladder and I am genuinely pleasantly surprised.

My bbf told me to watch “The Red Sleeve” and I honestly was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining it was. Episode 5 was the drama’s best thus far. IF it continues to be this interesting, I see the drama breaking the 10% barrier soon.

In terms of plot, “Now We Are Breaking Up” is the weakest thus far among the contenders. If we broadly compare “Now We Are Breaking Up” and “The Red Sleeve” in terms of excitement levels, “The Red Sleeve” definitely comes on top because the stakes are higher. “Now We Are Breaking Up” is more of a grownup romance drama, it doesn’t mean its necessarily bad but in terms of what the audience might pick, the answer is sort of expected.

NOTE: DISCUSSING SPOILERS OF “Now We Are Breaking Up” below!

I am contemplating dropping “Now We Are Breaking Up” because I honestly don’t like how the male lead is persistent in pursuing a woman his dead brother used to love dearly feeling no shame in his actions. Last week, he said a line about how the backlash he’ll get doesn’t matter because his brother is already dead…. That was not the type of leading man I was hoping to root for. I really lost a lot of respect for the character and personally speaking, I would find it difficult to root for a character who speaks like that. The premise is just too darn awkward and it didn’t really have to be like that, why can’t we have a normal romance adult drama without such a cringy side plot point? Why? Why do the leads always have to have some sort of past connection?

I still enjoy Ki Yong and I don’t mind Hye Kyo. I get the criticism the drama is facing but I think it depends on the person a bit more this time. Some might be looking for a grownup type of drama and it is still too early to tell how everything will pan out.

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.

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  1. I am watching The Red Sleeve and so far the episode 5 was the most heartbreaking. The scene between the King-grandfather and the Crown Prince was very powerful. Lee Se Young must be a very good actress since they give her a lot of ceremonial banalities to say but she is saying them with such conviction that you are still interested in what she is saying. Though, sometimes it feels like she is still treating her patients, the way she did in Doctor John. ))). But Lee Jun Ho – OMG, I am super biased here, I just love his acting. One of my all time kdrama favourites is Just Between Lovers and the way he played a tortured sick guy during the whole 16 episodes without being boring even once made me his biggest fan probably forever )). They have these long shoots in The Red Sleeve when the camera rolls for a long time and he has those very long monologues. It must be pages of lines to be memorized, and in the very formal historical style. His acting is really something. I just feel that the pace is really slow and I hope it will pick up because I’d really like some change from royal intrigues to some action.

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