“The King’s Affection” Surpasses The Double Digits In Ratings Hitting An All-Time High

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KBS’s “The King’s Affection” has achieved a new personal-best record in terms of ratings!

According to Nielsen Korea, the November 22 broadcast of “The King’s Affection” garnered average nationwide viewership ratings of 10%. This is the drama’s personal best record, to date. It also marks the first time it surpassed the double digits in ratings. It is a 1.2% jump from last week’s ratings.

tvN’s “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” remained consistent with 4.5% in ratings. It is the No.1 cable drama in its timeslot.

Which one of these historical dramas are you currently watching?

Source: Nielsen Korea

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. Obejrzałam 2 odcinki i czekam niecierpliwie aż ukażą się na Netflixie wszystkie. Dopiero zamierzam świętować! Więcej jest takich osób jak ja, więc słupki oglądalności poprawią się znacznie po emisji całości serialu.

  2. Actually watching all three: The King’s Affection, Royal Inspector and The Red Sleeve Cuff and this is very unusual of me because I am always very critical of sageuk dramas. But it seems that the end of year historical dramas are better than the previous ones. Foe example, I utterly disliked “The River where the moon rises” and “The lovers of the red sky”, I dropped them after a couple of episodes but these three are stuck with me. For the moment nothing annoys me maybe except that The King’s Affection is too long and if it won’t culminate into a really impactful ending I’ll be disappointed. The Royal inspector is an entertaining watch, it’s been a while since I have seen a good comedy. And the Red Sleeve is very well written and acted. And who can resist their cast ! :))

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