SZA Receives Backlash From ARMY After She Says BTS ‘Didn’t Care’ When Introduced To Them By Lizzo, Lizzo Defends SZA

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SZA and ARMY are at odds after her tweet about BTS.

BTS members recently attended Harry Styles concert where they met Lizzo. During the concert, fans shared many videos of the idols meeting up with new people and enjoying their time. One of the videos that went viral was a video of V hugging SZA.

However, it appears that things didn’t go as smoothly because SZA found herself in controversy after her tweets. When one fan asked her if she’s met BTS, she said Lizzo attempted to introduce them but ‘they didn’t care.’ This was odd because fans recall watching videos of V hugging SZA thus contradicting her point. SZA attempted to clarify that the boys were super nice and despite Lizzo attempting to introduce them, it was dark and loud, thus, they don’t have a photo together. Lizzo attempted to defend SZA which backfired, she confirmed she attempted to introduce them to each other but it was so loud. She added the hashtag #LEAVESZAALONE which didn’t sit well with ARMY. All the tweets have since been deleted.

The issue was how her fans reacted to her first tweet about BTS ‘not caring,’ this caused some of her fans to lash out on BTS and call them racial slurs on Twitter. ARMY stepped up to defend the boys and trended the hashtag #LEAVEBTSALONE, thus, how the issue became bigger.

SZA attempted to do damage control by saying, ‘lol, I am not upset I love them and they were still very nice! Lizzo tried to introduce us but it was dark and loud. I hope we get another chance.’ She’s deleted almost all of her tweets about this subject.

Fans are conflicted on whether there was a language barrier or whether the concert was too loud for the misunderstanding to happen. Some ARMY are demanding an apology from SZA because her tweet were the cause of racial attacks against the members online.

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