SM Entertainment will no longer be uploading videos to EXO Baekhyun’s YouTube channel “KyoongTube,” moreover, the videos that were uploaded while he’s enlisted have been deleted.

On November 18, SM Entertainment revealed in an official statement to YouTube community tab, they stated that the videos they have been uploading were deleted,

“It is not illegal to publish content filmed and produced before military admission, in order to prevent unexpected misunderstandings and despite our intentions, we decided to delete all uploaded content after Baekhyun’s enlistment.

We ask for your understanding.”

Baekhyun has filmed videos for his fans prior to his enlistment. SM has been publishing the pre-recorded content on his channel regularly.

SM’s statement is referencing the Korean military law which prohibits soldiers who are serving in the military from engaging in profit-making activities or acquiring an additional job.

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EXO Baekhyun enlisted as a public service worker on May 6.


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