Sam Hammington and his two sons [William, and Bentley] will be leaving the hit variety show “The Return of Superman.”

On November 19, news outlets reported that they will be leaving the show, this was followed by a statement by KBS that confirms the news as well. KBS stated that they have recently filmed their final episode but the air date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Sam Hammington also confirmed the news himself via two Instagram posts, one that reads, ‘that’s all folks,’ and another that is longer, he wrote,

“Thank you for everything over the last five years. I can’t put it into words how I am feeling today but we have made some amazing memories. With every beginning there comes and end, as unfortunate as it is the time is right for us to move on. Due to you the fans we have been afforded some amazing memories. Thank you. We hope that you will continue to support and love us in the future as well. Stay healthy, stay happy and we love you!”

Sam Hammington has been part of the show since 2016. He’s even won a Daesang along with the other “The Return of Superman” fathers at the 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards.


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