BTS RM Confronts James Corden Regarding His Controversy With ARMY Because Of His Recent Comments, Here Is How It Went

BTS members have made an appearance on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” for the first time in nearly two years, and they’ve directly addressed the controversy he’s had with ARMY.

Back on September 20, James Corden opened his show talking about BTS’s appearance at the UN General Assembly, he said, “The United Nations General Assembly kicked off this morning in New York City, and it started with some pretty unusual visitors…” He also called ARMY a bunch of 15-year-olds. This landed him in a controversy with ARMY who didn’t appreciate his comments and attempted to cancel him.

At the start of the interview, Corden asked the members, “How are you doing?”, to which RM responded, “It’s so good to be back, But how about you, James? In some hot water with ARMYs? Are you alright?”

James Corden appears to have been taken aback by RM’s comments addressing the issue, he explained his side of the situation and said he didn’t mean to offend anyone and he is a big fan of the group. RM extended his hands to Corden and said, “James, it’s alright. We appreciate your apology. We just wanted to clear the air.”

You can check out the full interview below!

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