RBW Apologizes After PURPLE K!SS Receives Massive Backlash For Using A Nazi Symbol In Member Seasons Greetings

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RBW Entertainment has issued an apology to address the recent issue with PURPLE K!SS seasons greetings.

Recently, PURPLE K!SS’s Goeun’s outfit for RBW’s ‘2022 Season’s Greetings’ caused a massive backlash among the international community after fans recognized that Nazi eagle patch under a US Air Force patch.

Fans began asking RBW to issue a response addressing the design, soon, the agency completely replaced the design without a word.

A couple of days after that, RBW came out with a statement to apologize for the design, they stated,

“We deeply apologize for causing trouble regarding PURPLE K!SS Goeun’s outfit in the 2022 seasons greetings. We apologize for not carefully inspecting all of the outfits and accessories before the artist wore them.”

RBW asserts that it is their responsibility that the outfit wasn’t properly reviewed and that the artist doesn’t have any responsibility for this situation. They also stated they are deeply reflecting on the matter.

What do you think of their apology?

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