Park Yoo Chun Officially Banned From Carrying Out Entertainment Activities, How?

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The court has placed a restraining order on Park Yoo Chun that prevents him temporarily from carrying out activities in the entertainment industry, but how did this happen?

On November 10, the Seoul Central District Court granted an injunction submitted by Yesperar for the suspension of Park Yoo Chun’s broadcasting and entertainment activities. The court stated, ‘until the final judgment is made for the case, Park Yoo Chun may not produce albums or videos, appear in advertisements or commercials, engage in character business, make broadcast appearances, or carry out entertainment activities for a third party other than Yesperar.’

To explain what happened we have to talk about Yesperar, which is an agency that was delegated the exclusive management authority of Park Yoo Chun by Re:Cielo- with his permission. Re:Cielo was an agency that was established by Park Yoo Chun’s manager who had worked for him for a long time. He signed with the label in January of 2020. However, the agency claims he has violated their exclusive contract after signing with a Japanese agency while their contract was still valid. On the other hand, Park Yoo Chun claimed he had terminated his contract with them for reasons including alleged civil and criminal cases regarding Re:Cielo’s CEO.

Park Yoo Chun had gone on record and said to a Japanese news outlet that Re:Cielo’s CEO had embezzled funds and that he had terminated his exclusive contract with Re:Cielo. They have refuted his claims and claimed he’s broken their contract.

In August of 2020, Yesperar filed an injunction for Park Yoochun’s suspension of activities. Park Yoo Chun followed that with a statement to his Japanese website saying, ‘a few months ago, I learned an unimaginable truth about the CEO of Re:Cielo, I tried to hear an explanation to this, but I couldn’t contact the other party, and in the end, I went through with civil and criminal legal proceedings against the CEO.’

The CEO refuted that and said he was attempting to reach him but couldn’t.

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