Netflix’s “The Silent Sea” is premiering very soon!

“The Silent Sea” is set in the future where desertification leaves the earth with a shortage of food and water. A special team composed of the main cast is set to retrieve a mysterious sample abandoned on a research station on the moon. The Silent Sea cast includes Gong Yoo, Bae Doo Na, and Lee Joon.

On November 22, Netflix unveiled a new teaser poster and confirmed “The Silent Sea” will premiere on December 24.

The drama is one of 2021’s most anticipated projects and it marks Gong Yoo’s first drama since the massive hit “Goblin” and it also marks Lee Joon’s first drama since his military discharge.

Are you excited to see “The Silent Sea”?

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

So excited about this one. It’s been in development for a while now and its finally getting released. I missed both Gong Yoo and Lee Joon so much and I can’t wait to see the drama. This is a one-of-a-kind kdrama with a very ambitious premise, it will be very interesting to see what it does with it.


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