Lee Yoo Mi Shocks Fans By Revealing She Worked A Part-Time Delivery Job Before “Squid Game” Went Viral

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Fans are shocked to learn that rising actress Lee Yoo Mi who gained attention after “Squid Game” aired used to do part-time work prior to the drama taking off.

Recently, Lee Yoo Mi sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine to discuss her newly found fame, her thoughts on the drama and more.

Lee Yoo Mi gained massive attention after “Squid Game” aired, she played the role of Ji Young, contestant 240, she was praised for her stellar acting. Since the dram aired, her Instagram following also grew by 100 times.

She talked about being the type to approach people first and make friendships which is exactly what she’s done with Jung Ho Yeon and EXID Hani.

During the interview, Lee Yoo Mi shared that despite gaining massive popularity, she is yet to fully realize it, she revealed that she’s been taking on a part-time job as a delivery service job after filming “Squid Game.”

She said,

During my break, I was working part-time at Coupang Eats, and suddenly I gained attention, like bam! It is still so fascinating to me. Still, I am yet to realize the popularity of the show because there is so much that I need to do from now on. I try to not forget who I am.

Fans are surprised to hear that she was working as a part-time delivery service job but are happy she’s gaining the attention she deserves at last.

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