Lee Jung Jae’s Response To An Absurd Question About Finding Fame After “Squid Game” Gains Attention

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Lee Jung Jae’s recent response to an interview question is making headlines everywhere.

As previously revealed, Lee Jung Jae is currently in the U.S and has been attending various film events, he’s recently participated in promotional events for the hit Netflix’s series “Squid Game” and one reporter’s question is getting lots of attention.

In an interview with the American celebrity TV show EXTRA, the interviewer asked,

For you, I’m sure you can’t leave the house anymore without people recognizing you. What has been the biggest life-change for you since the series came out?”

For context, Lee Jung Jae is one of the biggest Korean actors in the industry, he’s one of the most recognizable faces in South Korea and has been famous for a long time before the release of “Squid Game.” This is why many fans think the question was disrespectful and poorly researched.

Lee Jung Jae was accompanied by a translator, when the translator finished translating her question, he smiles and said,

Yes, that is correct. Of course, the biggest change is that many people recognize me. In America, that is…

Even in restaurants or in the streets, people recognize me. So I am started as well and I think ‘why is that person looking at me?’ but when we lock eyes, we talk about squid game, so it felt that the show was very successful.”

Many fans have loved his witty response, however, there was backlash against how the translator translated the first sentence, she said it was ‘even in America at that’ rather than ‘in America that is,’ since Lee Jung Jae was already a well-known actor in South Korea. Fans think the translation made it look like he’s gained popularity in American and South Korea through “Squid Game.”

What do you think of such questions being asked for Korean celebrities?

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