Netflix’s upcoming series “Love War” has confirmed more cast members.

The drama centers around a man and a woman who don’t believe in love because they distrust the opposite sex. They will face the reality through the process of understanding each other and realizing what true love is.

Previously, Yoo Teo And Kim Ok Bin were confirmed to have joined the cast and on November 11, Netflix confirmed kim Ji Hoon and Go Won Hee as well.

kim Ji Hoon is taking on the role of Do Won Joon, a character who gave up his dream of becoming an actor because of his poor acting skills, he became interested in management business instead. He helps Nam Kang Ho [Yoo Teo] become a star. When Shin Na Eun appears in his life, everything changes.

Go Won Hee will take on the role of Shin Na Eun, she is Yeo Mi Ran’s [Kim Ok Bin] best friend and housemate, she falls quickly in love and doesn’t hesitate to show her emotions.

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“Love War” will be directed by Kim Jung Kwon who worked on “Lie After Lie,” and written by Choi Soo Young who wrote “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.”


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