Kang Daniel Loses Lawsuit Against DC Inside, Here Is Why

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It’s been recently revealed that Kang Daniel has lost the lawsuit he’s filed against DC Inside, but what could be the reason behind it?

In 2019, Kang Daniel’s lawyers released a statement to announce their plans to submit an application to the Seoul Central District Court to request the closure of the “Produce 101 Season 2” community. They explained that the reasoning was among the millions of posts, some of them contain falsehoods and it exceeds the boundaries of the freedom of speech.

DC Inside followed with a response to the statement. They basically stated that the request to close the gallery has no legal basis and added they’re continuously monitoring reports by users and take action when there is a problematic post.

On October 28, it was revealed by the Civil Settlement Division 16 of the Seoul Central District Court that Kang Daniel lost the lawsuit. The court stated that the excessive interference with the expressions posted on the internet has the potential to restrict the freedom of expression, they added,

“Even if DC Inside has a duty to properly manage the Internet posting space, freedom of expression will suffer if excessive interference happens with the articles published there for fear of defamation and compensation for damages, this can inevitably dampen the freedom of expression.”

The court also adds that there is no evidence that most of the posts on the board are slandering or insulting Kang Daniel,

“There is not enough evidence to state closing the gallery is the only way to prevent infringement on Kang Daniel, and there is no evidence to confirm this either.”

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