k-netizens Debate The Reason Behind TWICE’s “SCIENTIST” Performance On The Chart After It Becomes Their Worst Charting Title Track

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Despite it being only a couple of days since TWICE’s highly anticipated comeback, their title track “SCIENTIST” has failed to perform well on the digital charts.

As of the second day after the release of “SCIENTIST,” the track was no longer in the top 100 spot of Melon, and on Genie, the track had also lost its ranking and went down to the 95th spot.

As of this writing, TWICE’s “SCIENTIST” is at No. 93 on the daily Melon charts and at No. 48 in the top 100 Real Time Genie charts, however, it’s no longer among the top 100 songs in Genie. As a result, TWICE’s “SCIENTIST” is considered their worst performing title track, ever. The group used to dominate the physical and digital rankings upon their comeback releases each year until very recently.

K-netizens have been debating the reasoning behind TWICE’s “SCIENTIST” poor chart performance. Some attribute it to the title track being weaker in comparison to their B-sides on this album, the song has received mixed responses by fans, some believe its easily forgettable and boring in comparison to their other title track releases. They are also other fans who believe the song is fine but not enough to capture the GP’s attention.


Others believe its because the group is being over-exposed to the public having back-to-back comebacks this year.

Despite the lackluster digital performance, TWICE’s third studio album “Formula Of Love: O+T=<3” surpassed 630,000 stock pre-orders, a personal best for the group.

Have you listened to TWICE’s “SCIENTIST” yet? What did you think of the song?

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