Jeon Somi Reveals Her Father Cameo In Her Latest Music Video “XOXO”

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You might’ve missed it, but Jeon Somi is here to confirm that her father has indeed made a cameo appearance in Her Latest Music Video “XOXO”!

Jeon Somi has recently released her first-ever full album alongside the music video for “XOXO.” During the MV, some fans noticed it and Jeon Somi has finally confirmed it.

Jeon Somi’s father is the actor Matthew Douma. She’s recently revealed photos from behind-the-scenes of her music video filming. She wrote in the caption,

“Police officer Matthew Douma. (MY DAD!!!!!)
Thanks for showing up. What an experience. had sooo much fun shooting the MV with you. you look badass . love you❤️”

Did you notice Jeon Somi’s father Matthew Douma’s cameo in “XOXO”?

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