Jeon Somi Opens Up About The Real Reason Behind Her Departure From JYP After 3 Years, Here Is What She Said

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Jeon Somi has been asked about her unexpected departure from JYP and this is her answer!

Recently, Jeon Somi sat down for a fun interview with comedian Lee Yong Jin in his YouTube series ‘Tur-Kids.’ The interview was carried out normally until she was thrown off guard when she was asked a question she hasn’t received the past three years, he said, ‘so you were at JYP and then you left.’

Jeon Somi burst into laughter and answered, ‘this is the first time I’ve been asked that.’ When asked if this question was allowed, Jeon Somi said it’s okay and added, ‘no you can, but most people try to be very careful so nobody has asked me that before.”

When he said she left JYP and said there were rumors going around that she was writing malicious comments about JYP everywhere, Jeon Somi burst into laughter again and said it wasn’t true, she explained why she left JYP, she said,

“After I finished promoting with I.O.I, I was inactive for a while. That somehow landed me in YG.”

When asked if she regrets it, Jeon Somi said, ‘never,’ adding, ‘I am 100% satisfied with my company. I have no complaints.’ When the comedian pressured her for more tea, she said she’s 100% satisfied with her current label. She added, ‘The reason why I debuted as a solo artist was because I was the only artist at the company.’

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