Should 14-year-olds be allowed to debut in the kpop industry? Fans are debating this after seeing IVE’s lineup!

IVE is an upcoming kpop girl group by Starship Entertainment that is set to debut on December 1st of 2021. it includes some members of the popular group IZ*ONE. The agency has been revealing the members’ lineup one by one and the last member revealed has stirred mixed responses.

When Leeseo was revealed, fans and nonfans shared mixed responses. Fans were immediately shocked because she’s born in 2007. which means she’s only 14 years old. This has naturally stirred mixed responses about whether minors should be allowed to debut in the industry this young or not. Some of the counterarguments reference other famous idols who also debuted at the age of 13 or 14.

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What do you think? Is 14 years old an appropriate age to debut in the kpop industry?


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