“Squid Game” Actor Heo Sung Tae is making headlines for his actions and is getting praised for it.

In the most recent episode of MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interference”, the actor made an appearance alongside his manager. The actor visited his mother in Busan and invited his manager over to his mother’s home, he personally cooked a meal for him as well. The manager then revealed that Heo Sung Tae enjoys cooking meals for others and does it regularly. The manager also revealed that Heo Sung Tae has been cooking breakfast for his wife for the past 10 years.

Heo Sung Tae used utensils efficiently and demonstrated his skills during the episode that showed he’s truly experienced and has prepared many meals for people around him.

Heo Sung Tae is getting praised by netizens for his actions, fans are intrigued to find out just how different Heo Sung Tae is from the various baddie roles he’s played in dramas across the years.

You can check out the clip of him cooking below!


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