“Hellbound” is already ranking on the top!

“Hellbound” has been released on November 19 and is considered on the most-anticipated Netflix’s kdramas of 2021.

Within the day of its release, “Hellbound” top the list of global TV series on Netflix reaching this record way faster than “Squid Game” which topped the same charts 8 days after its release.

“Hellbound” has also topped the charts in 24 different countries including Belgium, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Morocco. It ranks 2nd place in France and India, and 3rd place in the U.S and Germany.

“Hellbound” is helmed by “Train to Busan” director Yeon Sang Ho, and tells the story of a world where humans face a frightening supernatural phenomenon. Emissaries from hell appear on earth without a warning and begin to condemn people to hell. It is led by Yoo Ah In, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Jung Min, Won Jin Ah, Yang Ik Joon and more.

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Have you seen “Hellbound” yet?


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