Former Wonder Girls Member Yeeun [HA:TFELT] Reveals How Her Father Completely Ruined Her Ability To Trust Men

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Former Wonder Girls Member Yeeun [HA:TFELT] has recently sat down to discuss her private life.

On the most recent broadcast of SBS’s “The Love Master 2,” Yeeun [HA:TFELT] made an appearance. The idol opened up about many things including her tumultuous relationship with her estranged father and how his actions ultimately made her unable to trust people and especially men.

HA:TFELT’s father has been convicted of fraud and it happened around the time she departed JYP and was set to make a new beginning, she explained,

“My parents divorced when I was young, so I spent a long time without seeing my father. I really hated him.

There were lots of events but I started to contact him and meet him around three to four years before he was convicted.

There were many reasons for that, but I had the thought that I couldn’t trust men and pushed them away because I didn’t trust my father, so I tried to fix my relationship with him.”

She explained that she has been hurt by him but tried to understand him, she’s revealed he’s gotten on his knees to apologize,

“I am not sure if I could say he used me but what I learned after that incident blew up was how he created several situations using the fact that he was my father. All my trust collapsed.

This is why its become impossible for me to trust people, especially men.”

HA:TFELT then added that her mother has since remarried and found a nice man who is a really good person, she tries to be optimistic that she might find a nice man like him as well.

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