Famous Korean Actor [Go Se Won] Exposed For Abandoning His Pregnant Girlfriend, Issues Apology and Says He’ll Take Responsibility

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Recently, a woman came forward with a shocking post alleging a famous actor G who is known for being the prince of housewives for his drama roles abandoned her after she became pregnant with his child.

The woman alleges that he abandoned her after she became pregnant and when she sent him a text asking him to delete her nudes, he threatened to sue her and blocked her.

She explains actor G got divorced in 2017 and they began dating after his divorce was confirmed. She says he’d told her they’d marry if she ever got pregnant, thus, she didn’t use birth control. She also shared kakaotalk messages between them as proof of their relationship and also shared a medical document about the alleged miscarriage, she said,

“Anyways, you threw me away oppa, so I wasn’t going to tell you. But because you are the father, I wanted to let you know our peanut has gone to heaven.”

In an additional post, A revealed, “actor Gis Go Se Won.”

The original post has since been deleted.

After getting exposed, actor Go Se Won released a statement via his agency. He apologized to her and explained he met the woman at the end of last year and they dated for 3 months before breaking up. He added that he wants to apologize and tell his honest feelings if possible to her, he added,

“I’ll definitely take responsibility. Once again, I am sorry.”

However, reactions this time by k-netizens weren’t so warm, many criticized the woman for publicizing their private relationship and for recording things when they were dating, many asked the woman to resolve this in private instead of posting about it online.

Go Se Won is a famous Korean actor best known for his many roles in huge soap operas.

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