Go Kyung Pyo Tests Positive For COVID-19 Despite His Vaccination, Netflix Movie “Seoul Vibe” Halts Filming

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Actor Go Kyung Pyo has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On November 30, industry insiders reported that the actor tested positive for the virus, as a result, Netflix’s upcoming Movie “Seoul Vibe” has halted filming and the staff members are getting tested.

Later, his agency confirmed the news. They stated that he’s been vaccinated with Pfizer in August of this year, this makes his case special. As a result, the actor is currently in self-quarantine and the filming for his upcoming movie has been halted.

“Seoul Vibe” production had also issued a statement to confirm that the staff members are currently getting tested and are waiting for their results. It is likely that the filming will be postponed until Go Kyung Pyo recovers.

The upcoming new Netflix-original production ‘Seoul Vibe’ is a highly-anticipated action blockbuster, starring Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Jung Woong In, Park Joo Hyun, Ong Seong Wu, and more. 

“Seoul Vibe” had previously halted filming in August after a staff member tested positive for the virus.

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