FNC Clarifies SF9’s Rowoon’s Comment About Getting Vaccinated After It Receives Backlash

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SF9’s Rowoon’s recent comments have gained him backlash from k-netizens!

On November 25, SF9’s Rowoon participated in an online video call fan sign event. During the event, when he was asked about his vaccination status, he revealed that he hasn’t had the time to do it yet, he said,

“I haven’t gotten vaccinated yet. I heard when you get vaccinated you have to rest for a few days, so I’ve been getting PCR tests every two days.”

This garnered a lot of attention and criticism since Rowoon is currently active in many fields in the industry while many are getting covid, he’s promoting his latest group comeback on music shows and is also acting in the KBS drama “The King’s Affection.”

As a result of the backlash this has received, FNC issued a response to his comments. They stated that while Rowoon had indeed scheduled an appointment, his schedule couldn’t be adjusted and he hasn’t been able to adjust yet. They’re currently in the middle of adjusting his schedule so he can get vaccinated, they promised the actor-idol will get vaccinated as soon as possible.

FNC also asked fans to not misunderstand his comments and take them without context and they also asked people to refrain from malicious comments.

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