EXO Sehun Trends On Twitter After He Makes His First Appearance On “Now We Are Breaking Up”

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EXO Sehun’s first appearance on SBS’s newest drama “Now We Are Breaking Up” already has fans going crazy!

On November 19 episode of “Now We Are Breaking Up,” the teaser introduced Sehun’s character signaling that the actor will make his appearance on November 20 broadcast.

On November 20, Sehun finally made his first appearance on “Now We Are Breaking Up,” and fans can’t stop talking about it. Sehun’s name trended on Twitter after the episode aired, fans were super excited to see him finally join the team in the new drama and welcomed the comeback of actor Sehun.

Sehun is taking on the role of Hwang Chi Hyung, the youngest son of the owner of Song Hye Kyo’s fashion company. He’s very different from his older sister. His character gets introduced to the team led by Song Hye Kyo’s character and he joins her team and will work under her.


He is known for being bold and for his honesty, he’s expected to add more spice to the drama.

Have you seen Sehun in the latest episode of “Now We Are Breaking Up”?

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