Singer Choi Sung Bong Who Claimed He Has Cancer Admits To Faking His Entire Diagnosis, K-Netizens Furious

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Singer Choi Sung Bong who has been under controversy for the past couple of weeks has admitted to what some k-netizens have been suspecting for a while now.

In January of this year, Singer Choi Sung Bong claimed he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer. Since then, the singer updated his fans on his health regularly while vowing to release an album despite his deteriorating health. He’s been collecting donations to make his album and support his singing career.

However, since the beginning of October, there have been rumors spreading around that accused Choi Sung Bong of faking his cancer. A YouTuber and entertainment reporter named Lee Jin Ho raised these suspicions and claimed that the singer was faking his illness. The reporter claims Choi Sung Bong purchased the hospital gown through an online shop and that the singer was smoking and drinking. Choi Sung Bong then attempted to refute these rumors by releasing his private reports that confirm his diagnosis, however, criticism didn’t die down and netizens started pointing out inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the reports.

On October 12, the singer started a live broadcast on his YouTube channel and talked about these suspicions. He was rescued mid-broadcast from what appears to be a suicide attempt.

On October 29, the singer finally admitted to faking his entire diagnosis via the media outlet Xportsnew that released his apology. He said,

‘I admit I am not currently suffering from cancer, and I am not suffering from colon, prostate, thyroid, lungs, brain, and heart cancer other than the recurrent depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.’

The singer relayed his apology to his fans who have supported him since his appearance on “Korea’s Got Talent” in 2011.

He said,

“I’ve been enduring many years by taking dozens of tablets and medicine every day with a desire to only sing, but my reality is a hellish life where I want to organize my life every day despite my depression and wounds that I don’t know where it comes from.”

He offered his apologies to everyone who has been comforting and embracing him for the past ten years. He also says he will not sing again due to his actions.

He also revealed that he’s currently working at a small restaurant in the countryside with the hope of paying back all the donation money he’s collected. He says it will likely take a while but he will repay it all back.

Singer Choi Sung Bong became known after appearing on “Korea’s Got Talent” in 2011. His voice took the industry by storm and he came in second place and made his debut as a singer, his difficult childhood story gained much attention as he rose to fame.

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