BTS Jin Directly Responds To A Fan Telling Them To Leave HYBE

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BTS Jin has directly responded to a fan who asked them to leave HYBE, his response is gaining attention.

Recently, one fan posted this comment to Weverse, they wrote, ‘guys, let’s leave [come out of] the company.’

Apparently, Jin saw this post and decided to reply back with, ‘huh, why?’

Fans have been sharing their reactions to this interaction, some fans think the person who posted it was out of line when asking BTS to leave HYBE as fans aren’t ever aware of what goes on behind the scenes most of the time. Others believe Jin’s response means he’s aware of some fans’ disapproval of the way HYBE has been handling the group.

There are also some fans who believe such comments shouldn’t be posted in a space where the BTS members could see it.

What do you think of Jin’s response to the comment?

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