BTS Become The First Ever Artist To Sell Out 4 Concerts At SoFi Stadium

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BTS has achieved an impressive new record with “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA”!

“BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA” is being held at the SoFi Stadium on November 27, November 28, December 1, and December 2, for a total of four shows. It marks BTS’s first offline concert in nearly two years since the start of the pandemic.

Recently, Christy Castillo Butcher, SoFi Stadium’s Senior Vice President of Programming, announced that BTS have become the first ever artist to sell out four shows at the stadium.

SoFi Stadium has a capacity of 100,000 seats but in the case of the BTS concerts, a big screen has been placed behind the stage making the maximum number of available seats roughly around 50,000. The concerts are also being livestreamed at the YouTube Theater, which has a capacity of 6,400 seats. This is also a record, this is the first time the live concert and YouTube Theater livestream are taking place simultaneously

Congratulations, BTS!

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