JTBC’s upcoming drama “Snowdrop” has dropped a new teaser!

“Snowdrop” plot centers around the love story of a man named Im Soo Ho (to be played by Jung Hae In) who jumps into a women’s dormitory in 1987 covered in blood one day, a female student named Eun Young Ro (Jisoo) hides and heals him.

The newly shared teaser offers a glimpse into the trouble awaiting the couple. It begins with Young Ro recording herself with a cassette player confessing her feelings for Su Ho. Young Ro wonders whether this is true love and whether she’ll be able to meet him again, the mood darkens when Su Ho listens to her confession tape alone but looks visibly shocked and shaken. He replies with “We?”

“Snowdrop” will premiere on December 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the new teaser below!


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