The Truth About Apink’s Chorong’s Bullying Allegations Revealed, Accuser Found Guilty On Charges Of Making Threats And Spreading False Information

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Apink’s Chorong bullying accusations have been settled and the truth is out!

Previously, one person accused Apink’s Chorong of bullying, at the time, the idol denied the bullying accusations and her agency promised strict legal action as well.

Recently, Apink’s Chorong’s acting law firm shared a statement to reveal that the person who has accused her of bullying has been found guilty on charges of making threats on false information will be forwarded to the prosecution. The law firm reveals that the person [hereafter A] sent emails regarding Chorong’s private life to several entertainment reporters, A then told Chorong about that and said she should retire from the industry.

Despite the law firm issuing a certificate asking A to stop making false claims, A continued to do so and as a result, they filed a criminal complaint against A to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station on April 1, 2021.

As police investigated the issue from then on, they found out that A utilized the bullying accusations news to make threats to Chorong and even maliciously edited evidence and released them to the public. Also, police concluded that is difficult to confirm A’s allegations as an act of violence after following up on testimonies from clients and acquaintances.

The law firm closed its statement promising to take strict legal action against malicious rumors in the future.

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