Ahn Bo Hyun, Jo Bo Ah, Oh Yeon Soo And Kim Young Min Confirmed For Upcoming 2022 Kdrama About Military Prosecutors

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tvN drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” has confirmed it’s main cast.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” tells the story of a man named Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun), a military prosecutor who chose this path because of money. After he meets a woman named Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah), a military prosecutor who joined this job to get revenge, both of them join hands to fight evil in the military and become true prosecutors.

The drama is penned by Yoon Hyun Ho whose previous works include “Remember,” “Lawless Lawyer,” and “The Attorney.” Director Jin Chang Gyu of “Bad Papa” and “CHIP-IN” is directing this drama. The setting of the drama is also fresh as no kdrama has ever shown the background of military courts.

“Military Prosecutor Doberman” features a star-studded lineup including Ahn Bo Hyun, Jo Bo Ah, Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Young Min, and Kim Woo Seok.

Oh Yeon Soo is taking on the role of No Hwa Young, the first female division leader since the military’s establishment. She’s very smart and has a poker face, she’s charismatic too.

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Kim Young Min is taking on the role of lawyer Yong Moon Goo, he used to be a special forces prosecutor. Kim Woo Seok will be playing the third-generation chaebol No Tae Nam, he becomes the chairman of a leading conglomerate in his late 20s.

The drama will premiere in 2022.

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

This is interesting.

Due to one idol’s previous scandal in the military, I recall k-netizens talking about how military courts differ, there was a heated discussion about that when it happened, I had no idea it was any different than the regular one. The setting is something we’ve never seen before and I am interested in finding out how they plan on making his interesting.

The screenwriter behind his project has many kdramas about law proceedings, he has done some interesting kdramas so this one sounds promising.

The issue for me with court-based kdrama [generally speaking] is that the linguistics about law proceedings tend to become overwhelming and/or boring after a while. The casting is amazing. I like Ahn Bo Hyun and Kim Young Min so I’ll definitely be checking this out.

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