AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin Calls Out Hate Comments Targeting Him On The Paid Platform UNIVERSE

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After being fed up with the comments made against him, Park Woo Jin spoke out against the haters on the paid platform UNIVERSE.

Park Woo Jin said,

There are a lot of bad remarks recently, Actually, I’ve been holding back a lot because I’m the only one seeing this article. I’m going to ignore it from now on.”

He apologized at the same time by acknowledging that there are existing fans of his on the platform. “I know you’re paying for this app (Referring to UNIVERSE), but do you have to do this?” Expressing his thoughts that he doesn’t understand people who use paid platforms to spread malicious comments.

He also spoke about how often people forget that their idols are people and how some fans tend to forget that while mentioning them on social media platforms. He concluded by mentioning that he will keep trying to show his best side for those who support him.

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