2AM has made their first group comeback in nearly 7 years and BTS’s J-hope has shown support for the group.

2AM came back with their new album “Ballad 21 F/W” composed by Big Hit Entertainment and HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk and JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young recently.

J-Hope, who used to be labelmates with Jo Kwon shared a screenshot of himself listening to 2AM’s new B-side “I can’t.”

Jo Kwon took to Twitter to thank J-hope and revealed that not only did he show public support for the group’s comeback but he’s also contacted Jo Kwon personally to share his thoughts on the album.

Jo Kwon shared the screenshot J-hope posted and added,

“Thank youuuu, you contacted me to say you listened to the album at night into the wee hours of the morning and said it moved your heart. I am so touched.”


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