“Strawberry Moon” Becomes IU’s 3rd Song To Achieve A Perfect-All-Kill In 2021, The Only Artist To Achieve Multiple PAKs In 2021

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IU’s newest song is a certified hit!

Only 3 days after its release, IU’s “Strawberry Moon” has become her 3rd single of 2021 to achieve a perfect-all-kill. The song ranked number 1 on all of the Korean charts including Melon, Genie, FLO, VIBE, and Bugs. It also topped the rankings on iChart meaning it achieved a perfect-all-kill.

IU is the only Korean artist to achieve a perfect-all-kill with 3 songs in 2021. “Celebrity” and “LILAC” achieved a perfect-all-kill earlier this year. Other PAK entries include Brave Girls’ “Rollin’“, BTS’s “Butter,” MSG Wannabe’s “Foolish Love,” The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber’s “Stay,” and aespa’s “Savage.”

Congrats to IU!


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