Singer Choi Sung Bong Who’s Accused Of Faking His Cancer Rescued During Live Broadcast

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Singer Choi Sung Bong is under fire for allegedly faking his cancer diagnosis.

Last year, Singer Choi Sung Bong was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, prostate cancer, and thyroid cancer. Since then, the singer updated his fans on his health regularly while vowing to release an album.

However, since the beginning of October, there have been rumors spreading around that accused Choi Sung Bong of faking his cancer. A YouTuber and entertainment reporter named Lee Jin Ho raised these suspicions and claimed that the singer was faking his illness. The reporter claims Choi Sung Bong purchased the hospital gown through an online shop and that the singer was smoking and drinking.

Choi Sung Bong then attempted to refute these rumors by releasing his private reports that confirm his diagnosis, however, criticism didn’t die down.

On October 12, the singer started a live broadcast on his YouTube channel and talked about these suspicions. He apologized for causing issues but denied smoking and drinking. He says his depression and panic disorder has worsened due to the malicious comments he’s been receiving the past couple of days. The singer sounded sad and fans were worried for his well-being as it appears he was sharing his last goodbyes. He cries on the live broadcast and around the 16-minute mark, an EMT worker appeared and the broadcast was cut short.

It is believed that the singer was rescued from what appears to be a suicide attempt. No more information has been disclosed on the topic.

Following that incident, Lee Jin Ho continued to expose the singer and allege he’s faking the proof he’s put out on his social media.

As a result of the incidents, it’s been revealed that various broadcasting channels have deleted videos of Choi Sung Bong from their online platforms.

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