Former IZ*ONE member Ahn Yu Jin hasn’t hosted “Inkigayo” in a while and fans are curious about the reason behind it.

Ahn Yu Jin was diagnosed with COVID-19 in September and has received treatment, she exited the facility about four weeks ago, however, the idol hasn’t returned to her position as one of SBS’s “Inkigayo” MCs.

Fans have been demanding an explanation from SBS and Starship on the reason why she is yet to return and both sides’ answers are stirring more theories.

A representative from SBS stated, ‘it’s unconfirmed,’ when asked to comment on when fans should expect to see Ahn Yu Jin back to her MC role. Meanwhile, Starship told news outlet, ‘we’re moving forward with the schedules of the artist’s keeping in mind her health.’

Both answers do little to explain the reason behind Ahn Yu Jin’s absence from the position. Since her absence, various special MCs have filled in for her place including ITZY’S Yuna, Jeon So Mi, and more.

With Ahn Yu Jin being active on social media, fans are wondering why she’s yet to return to “Inkigayo.”

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