American Singer Oliver Tree Photoshops His Face Onto Jonghyun’s Funeral Picture To Promote His Tour + Issues An Apology

An old photo of American Singer Oliver Tree photoshoping his face onto SHINee’s Jonghyun’s funeral picture has gained attention and immense backlash.

Recently, kpop fans rediscovered that Oliver Tree had used Jonghyun’s funeral picture to promote his tour back in 2019. He posted the photo onto his YouTube community tab and later deleted it due to the immense backlash. At the time, he didn’t apologize and even made fun of the fans who tried to hold him accountable for the photo.

As a result of rediscovering the issue earlier this month, kpop fans took to social media to demand an apology from the singer for his actions, they trended multiple hashtags for this reason. The singer had never posted a proper apology to address the matter during the height of the backlash.

In response to the backlash after fans recently discovered it, he ended up posting an apology to his Instagram account, read it below!

However, his apology was met with severe backlash as many fans consider his actions improper and rude considering this was a funeral photo of a human and he attempted to use it to promote his tour.

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