Actress Lee Yoo Mi has been gaining attention following the massive success of “Squid Game,” fans have been stunned by her beauty.

Lee Yoo Mi has shocked fans with her beauty when she switched from the famous blue tracksuit for dresses as she attended various events including this year’s Busan’s international film festival.

Fans couldn’t help but admire her beauty through the photos she shared via her Instagram account. The actress’s Instagram has gained a lot of followers due to the massive popularity of “Squid Game.” She recently surpassed 6 million followers.

Lee Yoo Mi’s beauty is being compared to that of a doll and some believe she resembles the late Sulli.

Lee Yoo Mi played the role of Ji Yeon in “Squid Game.” The character lived a sad life before joining the game.

Are you a fan of Lee Yoo Mi?


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