Looks like we’ll see “D.P” Season 2 soon!

On October 20, Producer Primary who was the music director for Netflix’s “D.P” sat down for an interview and revealed that he’s met the drama’s director Han Joon Hee. Primary says the director has confirmed that “D.P” Season 2 is happening and shared details about the plans. Primary is expected to produce music for season two as well.

Netflix’s “D.P.” garnered huge success and has been showered with rave reviews, the drama’s ending left fans with a cliffhanger and many started to wonder whether a season two is coming soon, and it might seem like it is happening after all.

Recently, lead actor Jung Hae In talked about a possible season two, he said,

“I am looking forward to D.P. season 2. I’ve heard the director and the writer are already working on the script. They’ve started moving.

I’d like to show my character’s growth in D.P. season 2.”

Fans are excited about the news of “D.P” Season 2. Will you be watching?

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