MLD Entertainment Ordered To Pay $55,000 To Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy For Unpaid Wages + Agency Appeals

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The court has sided with former MOMOLAND member Daisy regarding her unpaid wages.

Back in July of 2016, MLD Entertainment held an audition program to select what would become MOMOLAND. At the time, Daisy was eliminated, but later signed an exclusive contract with the agency in September 2016 and became part of MOMOLAND in April 2017.

However, MLD Entertainment deducted about 66 million won (approximately $55,238) from Daisy’s earnings, their explanation for this was that each participant of the winning team had to pay one-tenth of the total production cost of 660 million won (approximately $552,380).

Daisy sued MLD Entertainment for withholding part of her earnings to cover the cost of the program, she hadn’t signed a contract until five months later, MLD argued it was a ‘practice in the entertainment industry,’ but the courts decided differently.

On October 10, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in Daisy’s favor and ordered the agency to pay the 60 million won [around $45,000] plus an additional 13 million won (approximately $10,882) that hadn’t been paid to Daisy. The court stated that the contract she’s signed was effective on the day it was established, adding,

“There is no clear evidence to say its a practice in the entertainment industry.”

However, the court didn’t side with Daisy on the additional damages claim of 10 million won (approximately $8,371). The next day, it was revealed that MLD has already filed an appeal.

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