Lee Seung Gi’s Agency Hires A New Law Firm To File Lawsuits Against Malicious Comments Due To The Rise Of Attacks Against Him

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Lee Seung Gi’s Agency has taken new steps to ensure the protection of their actor.

On October 20, Hook Entertainment released a statement to announce they have partnered with a new law firm. The reasoning behind the move was because Lee Seung Gi was continuously being attacked by false news and malicious comments.

Hook Entertainment had previously partnered with the law firm LIWU and even monitored the situation on their own but due to the rise in hate comments the actor has been receiving, the agency decided it would be best to partner with the law office Ji Myung to take swifter action.

The agency explains that continuous spreading of false information insulting someone’s character with expressions that go beyond rudeness and vulgarity are serious criminal acts that are subject to criminal punishment as well as civil damage claims. They will no longer tolerate such comments that defame Lee Seung Gii’s character and name and cause him psychological stress.

They ended their statement promising to show no leniency and take strong action against any behavior that defames his character and causes him physiological stress You can send evidence of such comments to this email [[email protected]].

Lee Seung Gi has recently set up his new agency Human Made and signed a management contract with his former agency Hook Entertainment.

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