Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Identity Gets Leaked Without Her Consent + Her Lawyers Announce Plans For Strict Legal Action

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Currently, rumors about Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend identity are being leaked online and some netizens have gone to great lengths to dox her.

Following her statement exposing actor Kim Seon Ho, she returned with a new statement to reveal she’s since received an apology from him. Since her original statement, some of the actor’s fans have been sending her death threats while others have been leaking her information online without her consent.

As a result, a law firm representing A has announced its plans for strict legal action.

Read their statement below:

“Hello. This is lawyer Choi Dong-hoon and Jung Da-eun of the law firm representing Kim Seon Ho’s ex-lover A.

Currently, A’s personal information is being indiscriminately disclosed in some media outlets, SNS, and online communities. Criticism based on false information related to A are also being written. And her personal identity and information have been publicized without permission. Even more, threats to her safety have not ceased.

As a result, A is suffering from severe mental pain that is making it difficult for her to go about her daily life normally.

Since she is an ordinary citizen, We politely ask you to refrain from excessive speculations and defamation so that she does not suffer further harm, and please refrain from requesting coverage and interviews from A.

We would like to inform you that this law firm will do its best to protect A and will take all possible legal measures against reports, posts, and comments of malicious content related to A.”

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