Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Denies Rumors Spread By His Alleged Former College Classmate About His Habits And Attitude

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Kim Seon Ho’s Agency has released a response addressing a new post that allegedly exposed the actor during his college days.

On October 22, a netizen claiming to be Kim Seon Ho’s former college classmate wrote a post exposing his character. The netizen, B, claims he’s unlike his kind image. B claims Kim Seon Ho, “liked alcohol and clubbing, he’s had many experiences with women.” B also claims the actor has temper issues and would resort to physical violence and curse constantly in arguments. B also uploaded what they claim to be ‘proof’ of them attending the same college.

Later, SALT Entertainment denied the allegations and called them ‘false.’ Other alleged former classmates came out with stories about how nice, introverted and kind he was refuting B’s claims. One former college classmate said the actor was quiet and they never even saw him get angry.

This is another post that has since been created following his recent massive controversy involving his ex-girlfriend who accused him of forcing her to get an abortion and for gaslighting her.

Kim Seon Ho has since admitted to the accusations made against him, he’s apologized and was dropped from many shows including two of his upcoming movies.

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The original post has since been deleted.

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