Kim Seon Ho is facing severe backlash for his controversy and is being dropped from projects he’s been confirmed in.

On October 20, Kim Seon Ho confirmed he was indeed actor K who was accused by his ex-girlfriend of forcing her to get an abortion. The actor has released an apology admitting he was the man in question and explained he was scared hence the delay in his statement.

The actor is being dropped from his projects as a result.

First, “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” issued a statement to announce he will be leaving the show. In their statement, they also confirmed that they will do their best to edit him out of the already filmed footage and will reduce his scenes as much as possible in order not to cause discomfort to viewers.

Later, the upcoming movie “2 O’Clock Date” has also confirmed his withdrawal. The upcoming movie is a rom-com about a man and his downstairs neighbor, a woman who holds an unimaginable secret. He was supposed to be paired with YoonA and it was scheduled to begin filming in March of 2022. However, he’s since been dropped.

Kim Seon Ho has also been dropped from “Dogs Days” which also stars Yoon Yeo Jung. The film was about people who grew up with pets.

As for the movie “Sad Tropical,” its been said that the decision will depend on the director and a meeting is being held urgently. Go Ara has already been confirmed for the movie.

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  1. How am i gonna move on with this like… I know apart from the apology… He must have had a reason to do so….please don’t take him down… Am literally sobbing like i prayed to God not to be true, my heart is broken for Good.


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