Kang Han Na and Lee Shin Young have confirmed their appearance in a new drama!

Recently, both Kang Han Na and Lee Shin Young’s agencies confirmed they have been cast in the upcoming drama “Bite Sisters” (literal title).

“Bite Sisters” tells the story of Han Yi Na, an 821-year-old vampire who can’t stand seeing injustice. After unexpectedly becoming an influencer with millions of followers, she begins to use her power to help those in need. Kang Han Na is taking on the role of Han Yi Na, a confident woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Lee Shin Young is taking on the role of Jung Sung Min, a mysterious character who appeared in front of Han Yi Na.“Bite Sisters” will premiere on October 19 on Handsome’s official Youtube channel.

Are you excited to see Kang Han Na and Lee Shin Young in this new drama?



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