Jung Ho Yeon Talks About How Much BLACKPINK Jennie Means To Her

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“Squid Game” actress Jung Ho Yeon has nothing but love for BLACKPINK Jennie!

Recently, “Squid Game” actress Jung Ho Yeon sat down for an interview to talk about her first acting role, she discussed many things including her boyfriend and how she prepared for the role, she also touched on her friendship with Jennie.

For those who might not be aware, Jung Ho Yeon and Jennie are close friends. They have been friends since before Jung Ho Yeon began her acting career.

Jung Ho Yeon revealed that Jennie has been very supportive of her journey as an actress, and has congratulated her on her rising popularity. She’s also revealed that Jennie sent her a coffee truck to the set of “Squid Game” filming, but not only that, Jennie also visited Jung Ho Yeon on the set of her drama.

Jennie has also shown support to Jung Ho Yeon via her Instagram, Jung Ho Yeon said,

“Jennie is one of the people I am so grateful for. She congratulated me like it was her job. I wonder how there is such an angel like her.”

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Jung Ho Yeon popularity has exploded following the premiere of “Squid Game.” She’s also recently been named Louis Vuitton’s new global ambassador.

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