Jun Ji Hyun is the talk of town after today’s press conference of her upcoming drama “Jirisan”!

On October 13, “Jirisan” main cast attended the drama’s press conference. During the conference, Jun Ji Hyun stole attention with her goddess-like visuals. Netizens can’t believe that she still hasn’t aged despite turning 40 this year.

During the press conference for “Jirisan,” Jun Ji Hyun was seen with a bob cut and a cropped blazer that shows her abs. Her elegant and daring look has fans talking. Some have already dubbed it her best ever look on the red carpet of a press conference.

Check out Jun Ji Hyun’s photos from the press conference below!


“Jirisan” is led by Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, Sung Dong Il, Oh Jung Se, and tells the story of a group of mountain rangers who trek up and down the Jiri Mountain. The drama will follow the incidents that happen at the national park where the two main characters [played by Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon] begin to dig up the truth behind a mysterious event that happened on the mountain.

“Jirisan” premieres on October 23.


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