Han So Hee Admits To Gaining A Shocking 10 Kg [20 Lb] For Her Role In “My Name,” Here Is Why


Netflix’s upcoming kdrama “My Name” is preparing for its release with a press conference. What it’s lead Han So Hee said about weight gain is surprising netizens.

Han So Hee plays the lead in “My Name,” she takes on the role of the daughter who will do whatever it takes to avenge her father’s untimely death. Her character Yoon Ji Woo infiltrates a drug gang and becomes a mole for the police department.

“My Name” will be an action noir kdrama and Han So Hee took on the challenge of making sure she transforms completely into her character.

To prepare for the role, Han So Hee revealed she’s gained muscle weight, she gained about 10 kg [around 22lb] for the role.

She said,

“Since I’ve been exercising and eating well, I gained about 10 kilograms (22 pounds).”

Han So Hee also revealed she’s increased the amount of practice she gets to make sure the action scenes get portrayed safely. She’s added that her athletic abilities have improved a lot while preparing for the role, she’s learning how to kickbox these days.

All eyes are on “My Name” which will be Netflix’s first kdrama since the massive success of “Squid Game.” “My Name” premieres on October 15, 2021.

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