“Girls Planet 999” Producers have stepped up to defend Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih who has been receiving massive hate online recently!

The news of “Girls Planet 999” final lineup Kep1er has been out for about a week, but ever since the announcement was made, some fans began to target member Huening Bahiyyih. The comments are allegedly linked to the idol being the sister of TXT’s Hueningkai as some began to accuse her of receiving attention merely because she’s his sister.

Due to the massive hate she’s been receiving, some of her fans began to demand the agency to take strict legal action to curb the hate comments. And now, the producers of the show have stepped to ask netizens to stop sending Huening Bahiyyih hate.

In a recent interview, the PDs talked about how sad it is that she’s receiving hate and asked fans to support the debut group including Huening Bahiyyih.

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