A recent viral report is claiming that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon fell victim to a real estate scam!

On October 28, YTN reported that a real estate investment company had deceived approximately 3,000 people into purchasing property using false information. The company has tricked the victims into investing in a land that was supposedly going to be developed in the near future, but in reality, the land was protected as a forest conservation area under the Forest Protection Act.

The total damages reportedly exceed 250 billion won (approximately $214 million). Taeyeon’s name was mentioned as idol A who bought it for 1.1 billion won (approximately $939,850) after only three months of the company purchasing the land for 400 million won (approximately $341,760)

In response to the reports, SM stated that it is difficult for them to confirm the information since it’s related to the artist’s assets. However, Taeyeon herself has stepped up to defend herself and advice against malicious rumors.

She posted to her Instagram stories the following,

“I’ve lived away from my family since I was young, my wish for the rest of my life was to find a home for me and my family that’s closer to the area where I work and live, and my dream was to come up with a spot just for my family.

With the consent from my family, my parents took a look at the place with their own eyes and made the decision. I am writing this because it appears my goal is being painted in a way that’s different from my intentions.

Please refrain from misunderstandings, guesses, and speculation.”

Taeyeon asked netizen to refrain from jumping to conclusions, she says she’s upset that she has to explain herself and that she was unilaterally informed about the damage. She ended her statement with, I’m not crazy enough to do speculative buying.”


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