A Sasaeng Illegally Breaks Into Starship Entertainment & Makes physical Contact With CRAVITY, Investigation Underway + Starship Promises Strict Action

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Sasaeng behavior is truly out of control and this recent case involving CRAVITY has shook fans.

An unidentified woman has managed to somehow enter the building of Starship Entertainment with the goal of getting close to group CRAVITY.

On October 3, Starship Entertainment shared a stern statement to announce the sasaeng is currently being investigated for this issue.

In their statement, they clarify that while they had protective measures [such as CCTV and fingerprints] in the building, the woman somehow managed to break in without permission and made contact with CRAVITY.

The woman approached the members who were on standby for a schedule and made physical contact with them. Thus, the agency alerted police as soon as they could. But, despite the police requesting the woman to leave, she continued to cause disturbance in front of the building.

They stated,

“Our agency has submitted CCTV taken inside and outside the building to the police station and reported the unauthorized intrusion and unwanted physical contact, they’re currently being investigated.

We would like to remind you that visits to the office and artists’ dorms are strictly prohibited. From now on, in the event such an incident occurs, we will seek punishment without mercy.”

The news has disturbed fans, many are worried about CRAVITY due to such unspeakable behavior by the sasaeng.

What do you think of this?

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